The finest Day of My Life in Miami

Sunday was the very best day of my life so far. I don’t even have words, I feel like the photos do it justice however I like to blab, so right here is the story…

I started the day my preferred way, with a run while I’m traveling. Running around Miami is gorgeous!
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We ought to have run to the health and wellness District, however we ran across a bridge as well as delighted in the views.

And signage.

We stayed at the Hilton in downtown Miami. Anne was my picture all weekend as well as did my runner pose!

Then, I went back to my space as well as delighted in some iced coffee. I brewed it before the run as well as utilized the hotel’s ice. Genius.

(That is my polka dot purse in the background. this is similar.)

From there the group went to the Zoological wildlife foundation as well as my whole life altered for the better. (I was on a trip with Nokia much more here.)

Seriously. I like animals. La-la-love. I particularly like tigers since I’m quite sure I was implied to be a tiger however at the last minute God chose to make me a redhead Mexican who likes to run. close enough.

Anyway. Malia the ant eater realized I liked animals as well as liked me Camiseta OGC Nice best back! Her tongue searched for ants in my ear as well as the pads of her paws felt like big chilly feline paws.

Then, I held a infant gibbon. She was light as a feather as well as very lovey.

And a camel tried to Camiseta Barcelona provide me a kiss…

But then ate my hair!

The highlight of my entire life was playing with a infant tiger. I like her.

She was in the mood to play so we were playing with her as well as the palms. Of program when I went to make a video she stopped playing, however I’m delighted I resided in the moment when she was playing as well as delighted in it first. Ever.

Question: If you might hang out with any type of animal (and they wouldn’t eat you) what would it be?



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