Two Toasts

yesterday I was pleasantly shocked to see I gotten Brussel Sprouts over the weekend! yes my favorite cooked veggie is back!

I found it odd that the package says “Serves 11” ideal on the front. I’d say they overestimated that by about 9…
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High Achiever – good listen book Review
High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins book review. quick review of the new memoir of a drug addict’s double life. read by the author.

Easy book to listen to while running, eating or whatever else people do.

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My Roasted Brussels Sprout Recipe:

1. heat oven to 400

2. cut b ‘sprouts in half. place in pan coated with olive oil.

3. Spray with a bit a lot more oil. Season. toss to coat. I threw on some onion I had in the fridge, it’s optional.

4. Roast for 30-40 minutes depending on patience and preference.

I also made a crockpot roast because Ben loves me substantially a lot more when I make this for him. That’s a potato covered in ketchup.

I rarely drink mid-week, but the marathon was a cause for celebration!

Then, Ben plopped a piece of cheesy sourdough toast on my plate! That man does not skimp on cheese and butter. It’s amazing.

Two toasts to my marathon being done!!!


After the marathon I didn’t feel up to going out to eat so we kept it low key. (Honestly, I didn’t feel like continuing to breathe, but that’s neither here nor there.) Camiseta Montpellier HSC Last night my need for Yogurtland made me get over the laziness and get outta the house.

I was so delighted about my treat I’m pretty sure the Yogurtland worker thought I was either foreign or drunk.

I stayed up late last night enjoying random T.V. and doing research for a few things. This morning I woke up without a plan – no exercise plan, no life plan, no planned parenthood. considering that I’m a morning exerciser it’s odd to eat breakfast before anything else…

But I managed

Toast with Pumpkin cream Cheese and PB&J/Banana on the other.

Exercise:  I think I’ll take a short walk to shake my legs out and spend some good time stretching. I don’t go into work until this afternoon, but I have 2 freelance articles due this week.

I’m doing an Ask a Monican about the Marathon and training this week – send me questions to runeatrepeat at gmail or put them in the comments.

Question: Do you decorate your house for fall (or Halloween)?

Seeing a few neighbors decorations makes me want to!



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