What finally helped My broken Toe

Hi! How’s it going? I am hungry. Like, I had a dream about food last night. I don’t remember all of the dream but I know I went to town on popcorn or something and I woke up feeling guilty that I cheated on my cleanse! HA!! I need food asap. I did have a handful of Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Irán cashews yesterday afternoon when I got hungry and that really helped. (The cleanse instructions say if you area super hungry you can some something small that’s allowed on the pre-cleanse.)

This morning I geared up for a walk with my dog Roxy. It’s been great to have her here, but I think she’s depressed.
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Please note it was like 51 degrees, not legit cold but it looked so chilly when I peeked out the window!

I’m probably going to take her back to my parents to be with her friends this weekend. nothing is for sure yet though. I should probably try to buy her love with hot dogs or something!!

Yesterday I walked her by clipping the leash to my Spibelt and checking out Instagram the whole time. It really is a miracle I don’t fall more often – I mean, I still fall a good 3 times a year – but that’s low for me. I fall a lot.

Sipping some green juice during another walk, this just makes me feel so healthy! I don’t know, but I dig it…

In other random news, I bought a banana holder for a friend. It’s kinda as a joke, but I thought they would really use it.

Unfortunately it’s not one size fits all and my banana doesn’t fit! FAIL.

Now let’s talk about my broken toe some more. I know you are over it, but I’m not.

When I hurt my toe I first tried the RICE method.

For those that don’t know RICE = Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.


That didn’t help a ton. It still hurt whenever I put shoes on. It was weird that it didn’t hurt more running vs. walking – those pains were equal. but the fact that it hurt at all was the worst. As a runner I want to RUN. So anything that stands in the way of that is like the world crumbling down.

2. next I tried complaining about it. Oddly enough that didn’t fix my toe either. Weird. (But I’m still using it as a back up method just in case.)

3. two weeks ago I got acupuncture. first my acupuncturist stuck me all up with needles, put heat on my toe and let me relax. Then, he came back to check on my toe and stab it up. My toe actually made a weird pop noise at some point when he touched it! It was adjusting back in place!! But, I got busted when I went back because I was still running on it. (Including a half marathon the day after my first appointment.)

4. My acupuncturist suggested Arnica gel and rubbing it on my toe.

Ding ding ding! I got Ben to rub my toe downward with the gel. The downward motion was meant to help break up the bruising and blood that was stuck around my injured area. At the time it still hurt like a bruise.

But the next morning I woke up and IT felt BETTER! For the first time in weeks it felt a little better – it was less swollen and felt less bruised.

(I got this Arnica gel from the ShiftCon conference I went to in September. This Arnicare Gel was one of the awesome holistic samples I received from Boiron.  You never know when something like this would come into great use!)

My toe is still healing and isn’t back to 100% yet. <- That is weighing on my decision for my next race, not sure if  can handle a full marathon yet. but I do feel Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Inglaterra 75% better and I’m super happy about that!!

Question: given that I was hangry yesterday afternoon when I went to try my banana holder –

What do you think I did with it when I realized it doesn’t really work?

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