2019 Mr. Olympia Takeaways

by Geoff Roberts

The 2019 Mr. Olympia is officially down as well as digested. Coming into the show there were two unique camps. Those who felt the absence of a reigning champ as well as several other top people would make the show more exciting, as well as those who felt these absences would put a severe damper on this years show. now that the show has come as well as passed it’s evident to me that the latter group was correct. When the guy who wins bodybuilding’s biggest title is arguably the third best bodybuilder in the world, the level of excitement has a lower ceiling than usual. That said, there were some bright spots over the weekend, including overwhelming anticipation running into the 2020 Olympia.

The truth that almost every competitor missed the mark this year compounded this lack of excitement severely. In fact, this was the very first time in well over a decade that I did not stay up through all the entry charge divisions nobody is paying interest to in buy to see the final result. Whether it was Brandon or Hadi, they were undoubtedly not the best bodybuilder in the world. This is not to take anything away from those top guys, as they were definitely incredible, it simply was not a completely loaded Olympia caliber lineup. It isn’t Brandons or Williams fault that four out of the top six best as well as a lot of popular bodybuilders to life were not in the show.

Mr. Olympia Finals 2019

Shawn Ray was absolutely horrendous on the commentary, which was about as much of a surprise as Cedric showing up out of shape at the O. He was likewise a severe downgrade from Dennis James at the press conference. Can we please do away with Shawn at these positions? Every other Olympia commentator i’ve ever heard was drastically much better at it than Shawn. We are trying to find Camiseta Bayern Munich a professional breakdown of each competitor, not Camiseta Chelsea FC their life story as Shawn sees it as well as what Shawn used to do twenty years ago. The year Dave Palumbo as well as Chad Nichols commentated was the biggest example of best bodybuilding commentary we have ever seen. Please bring that back. Please. The webcast was phenomenal with one exception. Why the awful camera angles? exactly how is that possible? Why have we been forced to endure horrendously awful camera angles for fifteen years of webcasts? They might use one single camera that never moves as well as it would be many times Camiseta ACF Fiorentina much better than the way it is. This blows my mind year after year.

On a more positive note: Patrick Moore. Patrick Moore was the pleasurable surprise of the show. While he did not get the comparisons he deserved, as the judging was extremely rushed as well as comparisons were few, which is unfortunate, he still stood out like a sore thumb. Patrick is a true throwback to the 90’s. excellent condition coupled with a very special physique sporting melon delts, cartoon arms as well as a wasp waist. This guy might win the Olympia a few years down the road without ever touching his delts or arms in the gym. It likewise doesn’t hurt that Patrick seems to be a excellent down to earth guy who would make a stellar ambassador for bodybuilding.

Speaking of the 90’s, Hadi Choopan was likewise a throwback to those “golden days”. mainly since of exactly how special he looks. For whatever reason, the physiques of the 90’s seemed to vary from one to one more a great deal more than they do now. These two people are an exception to that. Hadi’s muscle mass looks like hardened plaster when he hits shots as well as he likewise possess condition which looks special in a very great way. based on exactly how he looked at this years show, I believe he will have trouble with Shawn as well as Phil, due to the realization he isn’t precisely put together like flex Wheeler. That said, if he brings slightly much better conditioning to offset his less than best shape, he can win.

Next years Olympia has me ecstatic already. Phil as well as Shawn, along with huge Ramy will all be back. three Mr. Olympia champions very close to their prime on stage at the same time. That indicates 20% of all Mr. Olympias in history might be fighting for the throne next year. If you don’t think that will make for the most interesting as well as compelling Olympia in history, pass whatever you’re smoking.

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