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I love traveling. I love the airport. I love the excited energy that buzzes around the airport. I don’t love having my first flight delayed on the tarmac 30 minutes, running to my second flight, seeing the plane is still there, but the doors are closed – and being refused on board!

I ran from my first flight with my heavy backpack and big video camera case 3 terminals over to my second flight. My backpack made my t-shirt dress ride up too high Camiseta Bayer 04 Leverkusen to be appropriate for anyone to see. When I got there the doors were closed and a worker said I was re-booked ? remember when this happened to me around Christmas?
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Bad runs happen – here’s how I moved past it and learned from my next run. tip to help you become a better runner by being a neutral observer of your workouts.

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Boo. What’s the point of being a runner if you can’t run to your flight? They automatically re-book you when they realize you are going to land too close to make it to your next flight. I propose they let you designate whether your a runner when you buy the ticket and put “*Runner” on your boarding pass. I could have made the flight.

Sorry for the rant, but I woke up at 4:30am this morning and won’t get to Mississippi until 3:30pm now. What a bust.

I was hoping BWI would have oatmeal in the us Air terminal (I saw it in the Delta terminal before) but they didn’t. So I bought some milk and fruit and ate Camiseta Tigres UANL it with my baggie of cereal.

Since I have time to kill I have spent the last 30plus minutes pacing around the  Charlotte airport looking at my lunch options even though it’s only 10:30am. What else am I supposed to do for 5 hours? Well, besides take pictures of the trash cans…

I came across Sabarro, which I love to have big bites of when Ben travels with me ?

This yogurt place is a new discovery for me, but I don’t think I’m going to try it out…

because my one true love, Jamba Juice is here!!! and they have Pumpkin Smash! I am obsessed with Jamba Juice and used to buy one after every long run in long beach (the LBC, for those that know what’s up). I even have a “Powered by Jamba Juice” license plate holder. I am for real. try the Pumpkin Smash. Do it.

So, ummmm…now what? I’m just hanging out at the airport I guess. fantastic ?

I’m considering hitting up a bar and getting wasted or hitting up the massage place, oh wait – I’m Camiseta Athletic Bilbao poor. I guess I’m gonna stay here playing on the Internet machine for a while!

See ya later ?



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