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After I just recently published the Run Disney red wine & Dine half Marathon as well as Walt Disney world Marathon race dates as well as registration announcement… I kept believing about it. I’ve missed running races sooooo much. It’s been 2 years because I’ve run a race with Covid as well as moving as well as my foot. I like Disney races! I like costume races!!

It seems apparent that I ought to run at least one of the Disney races, right?

Well, there are likewise a great deal of speed bumps I had to think about too… expense (it’s extremely pricey), travel, dates/schedule.

The red wine as well as Dine half Marathon was crossed off the listing since the dates are as well close to one more race I have scheduled. as well as I’ve run it before, so I felt alright with this.

But I kept going back as well as forth about the WDW Marathon. (I’ve likewise run this race however I was sick, it was rushed, stressful as well as a long time ago.) I understood I had to choose soon since these races offer out! (They typically offer out within hours, a few days at most. So it’s certainly noteworthy that it hadn’t yet. We can talk about possible reasons later.)

Note – I was truly only thinking about doing the Dopey difficulty at Walt Disney world for a few reasons. For those not familiar with the Walt Disney world Marathon difficulties – there are two.

What is the Goofy Challenge

There’s the Goofy difficulty which is to run the half Marathon as well as full Marathon during the Walt Disney world Marathon Race Weekend. These are back to back races on Saturday as well as Sunday.

What is the Dopey Challenge

The Dopey difficulty is the most significant difficulty of all the Run Disney Races. Runners who indication up for the Dopey difficulty run 48.6 miles during the race weekend as they total all 4 races – the 5K, 10K, half Marathon as well as full Marathon.

I texted with fellow Run Disney buddies who’ve done the races several times. I inspected the race registration site to see if it was still open a bunch. I talked about it with Diego (he’s a great listener, however not useful with decision making).

Finally I kept in mind I have a tool for this as well as grabbed my Make a decision notepad to assist me decide.

Really the only thing that was holding me back was the expense – it’s the most costly race I’ve ever considered. plus there’s the expense of travel. It’s additional aggravating since I online quite close to Disneyland in Anaheim. So unlike somebody who believes ‘Travel’ when they thing ‘Disney’ – I don’t. as well as while I like Disney as well as Disney Races – I’m extremely pleased to delight in Disneyland as well as California experience as well as don’t feel the requirement to go all the method across the country to Disney world – UNLESS it’s for running.

Actually, ‘Unless it’s for running’ is a universal tie breaker to many of my rules!

In this whole decision making process I was only thinking about running the Dopey difficulty since I figured – if I’m going to travel all that method I want to make it worth it! as well as if I was ever going to do the Dopey difficulty it ought to be now because I’m getting in shape for a few marathons as well as halfs in the months leading as much as it.

So, I composed out the very best situation as well as WORST situation of running the race as well as realized the expense is the primary thing holding me back.

But, when I truly believed about it – I’ve ‘saved’ a great deal of money on races the last two years. typically I would’ve spent a great deal much more than the expense of the Dopey difficulty on races, traveling to races as well as associated costs.

Plus, I’ve truly wished to go on a getaway – one more thing that hasn’t occurred in over a year. as well as all of the locations I want to go are still under Covid limitations and/or seem to go back as well as forth with limitations so it’s risky to book travel.

Reasons to Run the Dopey Challenge:

I’m getting in shape for a few marathons as well as half marathons leading as much as the WDW Marathon anyway. So I’ll be in great shape to train for the Dopey difficulty (as opposed to starting from not running).

If I’m traveling to Florida to run 1 race (I was believing about just the full at first)… it’s technically less expensive to run 4 races in 1 trip than come back one more time.

It doesn’t look like any type of of my running friends are going to want to run this in the future – so if I want to do it, I ought to do it now.

I can run / walk the 5K as well as 10K (or the 10K as well as half) as well as take a lot of fun photos with characters! I like those.

The Dopey difficulty is kinda produced me – I’ve run back to back races before. I like a costume race. I’m a Disney fan.

Reasons Not to Run the Dopey Challenge:

I may die.

It’s expensive.

Ironically, the ‘Cons’ listing type of cancel each other out since – if I die, who cares if I spent a lot of money ona running trip, right?

I slept on it one much more night as well as this morning chose to opt for it. I registered TO RUN THE DOPEY difficulty 2022.

I’m Running the Dopey difficulty 2022!!

Yes, I did it! I’m going to run the 5K, 10K, half Marathon as well as full Marathon in one weekend, consecutive days, in costume at Disney World. It seems wild, however I’m excited.

I don’t understand anything else yet. I don’t have a training plan, travel reservations or many significantly – RUNNING COSTUMES, yet. But, step one is choosing on a goal. as well as in this situation – it is a wise goal since it’s Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, as well as Time sensitive.

I’ll style a fantastic training plan for the Dopey difficulty that will element in – present fitness, exactly how much time I have to train, races I’m already registered to run, the additional difficulties of 4 back to back races, etc. I won’t have a time goal for any type of of these races as Disney races frequently have a great deal of run/walkers as well as it’s difficult to get out quick for the very first few miles. I’ve heard they’re providing fewer corrals so those may be much more crowded. as well as of course, picture stops are a MUST! So, all together the focus ought to be to surface as well as have FUN.

Right now all I understand is – I’m registered as well as requirement to style my training plan asap because this race difficulty needs additional training time! I’ll share much more on training as well as planning soon. If you have any type of concerns – ask me in the comments or on Instagram @RunEatRepeat

I’m going to put together a page with all my Run Disney Races as well as Running costume Posts, however if you want much more fantastic material best now – I’ll link to some below.

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