Body forever Day 1

Okay, after the trial as well as tribulations of sickness as well as traveling this is my very first day on Body For Life. It’s going to be a difficulty considering that I don’t have any type of groceries as well as am out all the time taking a CPR class, however I cannot postpone this any type of longer!

I’ll be publishing weight updates on Camiseta Olympique Marseille my Weight loss page. I understand a few of you come to RER for my random BS as well as a few of you come for weight loss stuff. If it’s not your thing, please don’t inspect out that tab. as well as please don’t judge me for my efforts to lose weight.   I hope we can still be buddies
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Marathon training Day 3
Marathon training Day 3

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4 minute Standing Core workout for Runners



I’m believing my workout plan will be:

Sunday: Run

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Run and/or KB

Wednesday: Strength

Thursday: Run and/or KB

Friday: Run

Saturday Rest

I’m running instead of doing the interval workouts considering that I have an interesting race calendar for 2011!

**This is subject to modification at any type of time based Camiseta Aston Villa FC on fitness center classes, travel as well as other (like today).

I started the day with Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. I truly don’t have time for a “real”  run or workout at the fitness center considering that I’m rushing off to a CPR class extremely early this morning. (I also  have to decrease Ben off at work before heading to it.)

Breakfast was a protein shake as well as PB toast. I hope to pick up a protein bar at some point for mid-morning.

Have a great day!



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