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Today is my little brother, Matt’s birthday! happy birthday Matt!

This afternoon I went to borders to get him a book for his 10th birthday I picked up an iced coffee to help slow down my afternoon snackage and give me a boost.
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But, when I got back to my automobile it wouldn’t start!!! Boo. I called AAA for help (as opposed to calling AA for help since disasters like this drive Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Catar me to drink).

Then, I went back inside to peruse the aisles of my fave book store. and I ended up walking out with 2 new running books! Oops. That dead battery really cost me $$$

Once I was back on the road I had to head straight for Ben’s work so we could meet my family at Rainforest Café in downtown Disney.

Ben, Matt, my mom and dad  

Michael, my other brother and Heather his GF  

Me, and that guy I live with

The kids menu looked super cute and had a mention of health and fitness on the cover. very cool. Sure, the kids menu still had the usual crappy kids fare, it is a step in the right direction.

I started with a salad and had a few bites of Ben’s tomato basil soup. If you come here get that soup! It was delicious – super creamy and had shavings of sharp cheese you could taste in every bite.

Sometimes you spot something on the menu and just know that is what you have to get. Tonight was one of those times. I have been craving a good veggie burger from a restaurant (not those so-so frozen ones I eat all the time). When I spotted the “Rainforest natural Burger” I knew I had to get it.

Garbanzo beans? yes please.

It came slathered with guacamole too!

It still needed salt, pepper and ketchup, but once I seasoned it a bit this veggie burger was delicious.

Flash pictures are never flattering, but I think it’s a better representation of the plate.

I had a few pieces of coconut shrimp and a piece of fish donated from my dining patrons.

Since it is Matt’s birthday we ordered the Volcano Lava Cake!

He was very excited about it and wanted to eat it all himself!

It is Camiseta Racing Club de Avellaneda a rich combination of chocolate cake and brownie served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

We all shared it of course. I had a piece with some ice cream and have to admit it is very very good! This is the perfect combination of cake-y, fudgy brownie goodness, served warm. I wanted more after I finished my piece, I’m lucky we were sharing.

We checked out the Christmas tree at downtown Disney after we were done with dinner and Ben photo bombed me like 3 times. So, I gave up and this is the picture.

See ya later!



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