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Ben and I went to the D.C. Zoo today. It was such a stunning day we wanted to do something out doors.

The first we saw were the lions. I always love looking at the animals since I love all big ol’ fuzzy things, but then I feel bad that they are all caged up. Do they you check out animal sanctuaries? because I don’t exactly have the money to go check out Africa…
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See the tiger in between our heads? Ha!

I was responsible and packed us lunches, but we couldn’t resist buying some popcorn to go with it. Ben and I shared a popcorn and ate our lunches. I had a hummus sandwich, carrots and chips.

Q: What’s better than a four dollar diet coke?

A: A four dollar diet coke in a low-cost “souvenir” cup!

The real reason to go to the D.C. zoo is the panda bear (not plural as I only saw one). They are the most recognized endangered species in the world and this zoo is one of the few that has them.

This guy sat like this practically the whole time we were there (and it was a while!). He was using the rock like a chair and just sat there eating.

He only got up for a minute to grab some more bamboo and then sat back down. You can watch the panda live at http://sidown.si.edu/     (*The sight is down until Sunday)

These signs were all around the zoo in front of the cages. I told Ben I want to wear a sign like this a parties so people don’t try and give me things I shouldn’t eat (these are jokes people, lighten up).

If I had a sign that explained my natural diet in front of my apartment it would say:

“Eats food, not too much (well sometimes…), mostly plants and ice cream”

Ben said my sign would say: “Eats chickpeas and ice cream…”

After the zoo Ben and I went to an Indian restaurant. The lighting was really bad, so forgive me for bad pics…

I started with a spiked Mango Lassi. They added citrus vodka and it was so good!

Veggie samosas – Ben and I shared these.

I ordered an eggplant dish with bread stuffed with peas and rice. It was really good and spicy. I love when restaurants aren’t afraid to spice it right!

Now Ben and I are watching a (sad) movie and relaxing. I had some sweet rice snacks and tea when I got home, but stopped myself from doing too much damage (after 8).

I need to go reheat my tea – I only like it piping hot!



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