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Hello! Today’s episode of the Run eat Repeat podcast is major as well as talking about unfortunate stuff like death, divorce as well as doggos dying. I’m sharing some thoughts on the huge losses I’ve experienced this year. I have a distinct point of view on this since I’m always very grateful for my life – practically in this strange way. anyway – let’s talk about it…

Within the past year I have had to offer with the loss of my marriage, my Grams – most likely my closest household member to pass so far in my life as well as yesterday my dog. What the hell.

This is much more loss in the past 10 months than I’ve experienced in my entire life up to this point.

It’s been very difficult sometimes.

And other times I recognize that I’m extremely very blessed.

First – the facts of a few of the unfortunate stuff from this past year:

Roxy went to doggie heaven on Monday. Ugh. So sad.

I already had a trip planned for the next day to see Ben’s family. His father is extremely ill as well as this is most likely the last time I’ll see him.

I’m going with a divorce.

My Grams died in July as well as my aunt died last month.

So yeah – a great deal of suck. a few of these things I’ve processed as well as come with -and others I’m working on getting over.  It takes effort to get with truly difficult things no matter what the difficulty is as well as right here are a few of the things that have helped me process death as well as divorce…

On death as well as Grief…

Death – you may have heard about the stages of grief. They aren’t stages… they’re different types of waves. in some cases the water is calm, in some cases there’s a storm

5 stages of sorrow – Kübler-Ross design (wikipedia)







This book Camiseta Fútbol – choice B by Sheryl Sandburg – “After the unexpected passing of her beloved husband, Facebook COO as well as bestselling author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, feared that she as well as her kids would never discover delight again. thankfully this worry was unfounded. choice B: facing Adversity, building Resilience, as well as discovering Joy–co-authored with psychologist as well as buddy Adam Grant–shows you exactly how Sandberg, as well as numerous others who have conquer a broad variety of profound hardships, triumphed over tragedy.” (from Amazon)

Divorce as well as grief…

Divorce is like death. handling it like a death of a relationship. There don’t seem to be a ton of blogs or podcasts or people sharing on social network bout divorce… which is fascinating since supposedly 50% of people who get married end up in divorce.

Why aren’t we talking about it?

Are there much more resources?

Recognize you go with the stages of sorrow like when somebody dies. as well as again, they don’t necessarily go in purchase as you are going with it.

Divorce – 6 months of SUCK. then you slowly fail to remember you’re so sad. one day you recognize you didn’t even believe about that person all day. You wake up happy. You have a fantastic day as well as believe – YES! right here I am. I’m back!!


I’ve realized over the past year that I have a extremely distinct point of view on my life. I’ve always have these views however hadn’t truly been in a circumstance where these thoughts were challenged. So, I’ve believed about this a great deal as I’ve processed the loss of my hubby as well as then my Grams as well as Roxy-toxy (as my lil sibling utilized to phone call her).

I always recognize I’m extremely fortunate. even on my worst day I have it much better than a great deal of other people in the world. Yeah, I have been very unfortunate as well as cried a great deal – however understand in the back of my head that it might be 1000x worse. Ha! Is that unfortunate or strange or what?

These are a few of the things I believe about a great deal as I’m just going about my day…

I online in California within driving distance to my family

I like my household as well as I’m quite sure they like me as well (just provide me a head’s up before you verify this so I can be additional good that day)

I have gain access to to clean water as well as sufficient food (more than sufficient however I’m not complaining!)

I have a risk-free location to online as well as a vehicle as well as clothes as well as a fancy phone…

I’m have a college degree.

I’m healthy as well as strong as well as loud as well as excited.

And other stuff depending on the day…

The point is I keep it in perspective.

Yes, there are very unfortunate things that I’ve had to face this past year.

Yes, it’s fine if I cry or feel poor or lonely  or desire for thingsto be simple as well as pleased again.

I provide myself grace to go with difficult times as well as be emotional. I’ve cried a Camiseta Club Tijuana lot. I’ve spent a great deal of money on therapy. I’ve talked as well as talked for hours to my buddies about this stuff. It’s therapeutic to talk it out or cry it out or RUN it out! however I likewise have to be grateful as well as get back up after I get knocked down.

I understand this unfortunate time is part of the journey. I’m not going to pretend like it’s not happening. however I likewise don’t want to online right here – it’s just a stop along the way.

And I’m sharing all of this since we all offer with loss in our lives as well as I want you to have a lil light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep going.


In this episode:

On breakups as well as Boston

Goodbye as well as Hello

On Roxy passing

5 stages of loss as well as grief

Option B by Sheryl Sandburg 

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