Freshly meal delivery and Weight Loss service discount Code

Hello! Today I’m sharing my review of the Freshly meal delivery service plus a discount code.

But first, let’s talk running and eating…
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This morning I got in a nice 12 mile run with my head movies. I wanted to get in some good mileage since I’m headed somewhere super super super cold and won’t be able to run outside. (Like, I literally don’t own the proper gear to safely run and um, hello I don’t like the cold.)

Then, I fueled up with lots of eggs and bread with AB.

Now I’m headed to Minneapolis!! I’m excited because it’s somewhere new

I’m scared because it’s somewhere very cold!!

I sipped iced coffee while I packed. vegas was MIA. usually he liked to put as much cat hair as possible on all my stuff so I don’t mess around with other cats while I’m traveling.

This is what my lil walk to the airport looked like:

Freshly meal delivery Service

Freshly is a meal delivery service where you can order a complete week’s worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner. YOU pick what meals you want and there’s a big variety to choose from for each meal. They are cooked to order.

Then, twice a week the meals are delivered to your front door. They don’t require any work – just heat and eat!


I loved the spinach and mushroom scramble. I paired all the breakfasts with some kind of carb since I workout or run in the morning and like to have a really big first meal of the day.

I love how perfect this omelet is and wish I could take credit for cooking it up!

This one was paired with toast, banana and almond butter.

Meal delivery Lunches:

I really liked everything I ate from Freshly. The tuna was the dish I was most excited about since I love tuna, but don’t have it that often. and sadly it was probably my least favorite out of all the meals.

Freshly is very healthy and fancy (and I’m kinda not) so even though it was good, they use vegan mayo and it wasn’t the OG tuna I’m used to eating.

Dinner options from Freshly meal Delivery:

The Freshly dinners were my favorite for a few reasons:

1. They tasted great.

2. I didn’t have to cook.

3. Not cooking meant I also didn’t snack like a crazy person while cooking <- this is a really bad habit and I probably get an extra 600 calories a day from it! trust me kids, if it was easy to stop I would have a long time ago. I’ve tried gum, tea, standing on my head, shock therapy… nothing works except staying out of the kitchen. I tried two meals that had zucchini noodles! I really really liked that and am considering getting a spiralizer to make them myself. This chicken parmesan with zucchini noodles was one of my favorites! This is actually a dinner but I ate it for lunch. Don’t tell the food police. This curry with quinoa was a good one too. The veggies tasted really fresh – not sorry which is hard to find with pre-packaged meals. Overall thoughts on Freshly meal Delivery: Weight loss: I didn’t weigh myself before or after so I can’t personally speak to this. But, Freshly does say customers can lose 5-10 pounds in their first week. Cost: It is pricey, but you are paying for both the convenience of someone cooking food and delivering it to you. An entire week of breakfast, lunch and dinner – 21 meals is $229. That is about 10.90 per meal, which is kind of pricey compared to food you’re making at home, but reasonable if you compare it to a take-out restaurant that is going to give you fresh, healthy food delivered to you (and you don’t have to tip the delivery guy). There are also plans for 6, 9 or 12 meals a week so if you just wanted a bunch of lunches or dinners you could mix and match. Get 50% that or any plan with code: runeatrepeat Convenience: super easy and convenient. It was terrific to have breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered two times in one week. This way I had plenty of room in my fridge and didn’t have to worry about 21 meals fitting in there. Taste: everything was great. I even ordered two meals with beef just to make sure I had variety (I’m not a red meat person) and those were pretty tasty too. Use code: runeatrepeat for 50% Off your first week of Freshly meal delivery service (either plan).   Now I’m off to Minneapolis! See you there Wish me luck and warmth! Question: Do you cook your food or have a parent / significant other / cat / personal chef? What is your favorite meal to cook? What is your least favorite meal? ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Save Sharing is caring! ShareTweet Pin Share Mail Share

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