How to eat healthy Without truly cooking

keep in mind exactly how I utilized to do Mexican Meatless Monday?

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Me either since it’s been like a year or something.

But, I’m thinking about bringing it back if I ever get the inclination to cook again. We’ll see.

Today’s publish is one my usual semi-homemade recipes however not with Sandra Lee,(source)

Nope, you’re stuck with me.

First, lemme share that I realized if I put my cherries on a little plate I’m less likely to eat all 4 pounds of them in one sitting.

*Note that I stated less likely as well as not that I didn’t proceed to eat 3 pounds of them since it’s not rocket science to Camiseta Atletico Mineiro refill a plate with cherries.

Okay onto lunch starring the complying with TJ’s products…

I cooked up this entire bag of quinoa since I figured I wished to make a huge batch to last all week. Um, it was a huge BIG batch! I didn’t recognize exactly how much it would make. I even put 2 cups of it aside since whatever wasn’t going to in shape in the pan.


1 bag TJ’s quinoa. cook it.

Realize it’s method as well much as well as eliminate 2 cups for later.

Add: 1 bag TJ’s roasted veggies, 1 can beans, 2 Tbs. olive oil, balsamic vinegar to taste

Also Add:  S&P, TJ’s 21 seasoning salute, garlic powder, Old Bay. (I like a great deal of Camiseta Manchester United spices so I added a ton!)

Mix. Eat. Repeat.

I believe it was Miz in shape who just Camiseta Copa Mundial de Fútbol recently mentioned that if she ever composed a cookbook it would be titled, “How to eat healthy While barely even Cooking”

I question if she needs a co-author…




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