Post Marathon super bowl Feast

Hola! Today has been a bit crazy for me. one of the dogs got a cut on his leg as well as I had to assist my sibling take him to the vet very first thing this morning. He’s a beast as well as it was a wrestling match to even get him in the door.

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Sumo Squat
Reverse Lunge – right
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Lateral Lunge – right
Lateral Lunge – left

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Then, I had to rush house for a phone call before heading to a extremely great satisfying this afternoon (more soon).

But yesterday was all about running as well as eating. My household threw a significant fiesta for me for running the surf City Marathon!!!

That, or they had people over since of some football game

My dad BBQ-ed up an remarkable feast of carne asada as well as chicken.

And a household good friend brought homemade ceviche. It was AMAZING! Seriously. I am getting the recipe Camiseta Leeds United from her asap.

This morning started with a burrito.  Eggs + leftover 7 layer dip = breakfast of Monicans.

Since I was running for a freaking long time yesterday today is a rest day

I always suggest the Zero Week training plan for somebody who just ran a marathon to rest as well as recover. At this point I compose my own zero week plan Camiseta Corinthians Paulista as well as it varies based on exactly how I feel. Intuitive running?

I truly do not run for the medal (and have believed about providing them away before however I’m not prepared for that today). however the surf City Marathon medal is quite Camiseta Gamba Osaka remarkable dude –> a mini-surf board!

Question: ever had great ceviche?



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