Quebec Prompts officials To neglect Their laws When the UFC pertains to town


The TUF nations Finale on April 16, 2014 will legally be governed by Quebec’s guideline relating to combat Sports . Camiseta Real Sociedad  These guidelines don’t actually approve MMA under the unified rules, instead the province has legalized a special sport known as “mixed boxing”.   As previously highlighted, these call for some significant variations from the Unified Rules.

But there’s no need to worry UFC fans, as you’ll get a familiar show with the TUF nations finale as the Quebec commission has a track record of telling officials to neglect their actual policies when the big show pertains to town.

What differences do Quebec’s actual policies have from the Unified Rules?  They include the following peculiarities:

The Definition:


“mixed boxing” indicates a combat sport during which contestants of the same sex fight standing or on the mat; when they fight standing, the contestants use kickboxing techniques unless modified in this Chapter; when they fight on the mat, the only permitted submission techniques are those described in this Chapter.

The Knockdown Rule:

195.9.  Where a contestant has been knocked down, the referee shall instruct the opponent to retire to the farthest corner, which the referee shall indicate by pointing.

The referee may stop the bout and declare the opponent the winner when a contestant is no longer able to defend himself adequately.

No Strikes to the Knee:

195.13.  Where a contestant receives a blow to the genitals or to the knee, the referee may interrupt Camiseta Brighton & Hove Albion FC the bout and allow up to 5 minutes for recovery.

If the contestant does not continue the bout after that delay, the referee shall:

 (1)    following a blow to the genitals, indicate that the contestant has lost by Camiseta Newcastle United abandonment;

 (2)    following a blow to the knee, disqualify his opponent.


The Judging Criteria:

195.18.  The judge shall base his decision on the effectiveness of the contestants, taking into account the following factors:

  (1)    a blow struck to any prone part of the body;

  (2)    aggressiveness, as demonstrated by the contestant’s forcing the fight during the round by making the greater number of attacks;

  (3)    conspicuous ring generalship, that is, skill in swiftly taking advantage of all opportunities offered, and the ability to cope with all situations as they arise, to foresee and neutralize the opponent’s attacks and to adopt a style with the opponent is not particularly comfortable;

  (4)    defence by skillful evasions and parries; and

  (5)    the ability for a contestant to take down an opponent on the mat.

 No Knee or Elbow Strikes:

195.28.  When the contestants are fighting, each of the following acts constitutes a foul:

  (12)    hitting an opponent with the bent knee or bent elbow;

No Standing Chokes or Submissions:

195.28.  When the contestants are fighting, each of the following acts constitutes a foul:

  (20)    grabbing an opponent by the throat.

195.30.  Where opponents are battling on the mat, arm or leg holds as well as strangulation are permitted.

Appreciating the above, the question is will the Quebec athletic commission follow their own policies or will they turn a blind eye again to the laws of their province for the UFC?

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