Simple cosmetics cleaner as well as I Ate Turkey

Day to day I don’t usually wear make-up. This is a shock since when I go out I wear tons of it.  

I recognize it’s most likely a bit as well much, however this woman appreciates the shine as well as there is no altering that ?
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Even more shocking is – I have never slept with cosmetics in my life. Nope, not even once. This is surprising to my good friends who guiltily admit to waking up with mascara smeared on their pillow cases, particularly when they recognize I wear 5 times the comprise they do (give or take).

I have to credit history my super quick as well as simple cosmetics removal policy to my mom. When I very first started using it she showed me exactly how to take off any type of eye cosmetics with infant Oil.

I understand what you must be thinking, “They make oil out of babies? Gross.”

But it turns out this is Mineral Oil ? You can get it simple as well as ordinary or with added fragrance or Vitamin E too.

I pour it on a piece of toilet paper, press it to my eye, wait a minute or two as well as then my 68 layers of water resistant mascara come off in a smeared mess on my cheeks flash!

Now you can save yourself some guilt as well as spots on your pillow situations as well as all you requirement is a bit infant oil from the infant section at Target. Do it do it.


I spent the day beginning to put flooring down in our new condo. (The story of the condo, our move as well as my next career move are coming soon too!)

Anyways, my Nino as well as Nina (or Godparents) came over to show me exactly how to get started on the flooring. We worked all the method up until 2:30pm when they had to leave as well as I realized I was super hungry.

But when I ran into the kitchen  I realized I didn’t have any type of vegetarian meal choices (only snacks, which weren’t going to cut it). I understood I needed solid as well as filling food so I quickly made a turkey sandwich.

I don’t understand why, however I feel super guilty every time I eat meat. I want to think about myself a vegetarian pescatarian, even though I dislike labels. as well as eating meat when a month cancels out my membership to that club. Boo.

The truth is this was the very best choice for me to eat as well as my health and wellness as well as well being needed to be the concern in this situation. It is what it is.

I likewise had dessert in the type of dark chocolate as well as a handful of that tasty Attune granola. That bag may vanish before I recognize ?

Your concerns – Camiseta Bayern Munich

A few people asked about the Red gown I used on Friday at the HLS mixed drink party. Well, I got it a few years back as well as have no concept where ? Sorry

Bonus info: It is the exact same gown I used two Halloweens back when I wished to be a devil.

And about my tattoo – I got this flame tattoo on my left hip about 5 years ago. Camiseta Yokohama F. Marinos I believed it was going to hurt a great deal more than it did. I am not stating it didn’t hurt – it did! But, I am stating that I developed it up sooooo much, that it wasn’t the bloody murder I believed it was going to be.

Tonight is Wino Wednesday! Are you having a glass?



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