StitchFix evaluation part 1

Hello! exactly how is your day going? Mine is going.

I really didn’t begin the day with a run, very first I wished to try on all my great new clothes from Stitchfix as well as choose what to keep as well as send back before my trip.
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But this isn’t Clothes, Run, eat Repeat – so let’s begin with the Run…


10 miles to celebrate this holiday!


Then, I made the usual eggs/tortilla combo drowned in Sriracha. as well as now I’m hungry once again so I’m chomping in yogurt as well as fruit with nuts.

I’m going to Holy bible research study tonight (it’s a miracle I haven’t been kicked out of the group I assumption these are great people). I believe they keep me in since I offered to bring food. So I whipped up something super simple as well as delicious!

I’m hoping my cooking skills get me into heaven somehow…

And I have to tell you about this new chocolate syrup that altered my life!!!

I tried the new NuNaturals chocolate syrup at ExpoWest as well as type of failed to remember about it. The business rep stated it wasn’t out at stores just yet. Well, I assumption it’s out since they sent me some as well as it’s much better than I remembered!!!

Chocolate.Syrup. It’s made with stevia as well as love. believe it.

StitchFix Review

Okay. now it’s time for me to pretend to be great for 22 seconds…

Stitchfix contacted me last year about trying their personal styling service – they send you clothes for a $20 styling charge as well as you choose what to keep/send back after trying them on at home. To begin you fill out a questionnaire that figures out your fashion style as well as preferences.

I was extremely hesitant since I understand what looks great on my body type. I figured they would send stylish stuff that I would never wear since I understand exactly how to cover or screen my booty body.

But, they reached out once again just recently as well as I have a few good friends who swear by it. Plus, I heard a rumor they were going to get more casual/fitness kinda clothes soon so I accepted the offer to provide it a whirl. I was completely open with the point person that I was hesitant since I didn’t believe something such as this would work for me since of my develop (read: it is difficult sufficient for me to discover denim that in shape my ass, I don’t expect some rando to discover them for me).

Really, I decided to state “yes” after speaking with a good friend just recently who was asking me for advice on where I discover denim as well as Camiseta FC Utrecht shorts. I am not the most fashionable person in the world, however I do understand exactly how to gown for my body type. as well as I do like to discover clothes that in shape me as well as make me feel great – who doesn’t right?!

So, I’m hoping this will be an chance to share some insight with the business as well as with women like me who don’t want their butts hanging out of their pants or to just wear baggy stuff as well as still want to be cute.

Anyway. I got my very first ‘fix’ last week as well as right here is the loot:


Green Jeans. When I very first saw these I was like, “Nope.” however I was pleasantly surprised that they A.) really in shape as well as B.) don’t look bad. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them since I prefer to wear eco-friendly on top. Still TBD.

Hey friend butt-y, exactly how do you like ‘em?

^ as well as this is why we can’t go nice places.


This color doesn’t truly work with my hair/skin coloring.


It was a small bit long to wear with flats so I folded it over at the top. It’s super comfy as well as I already have a top to wear with it so I may keep it.



I prefer patterns on top so I’m not going to keep this one. as well as it needed a belt or something since it only looks great if I have my hands on my hips.



I liked this, super delicate as well as girly.

Go-go Power Rangers!!!

Oh wait. just act cool, just act cool…

They likewise send concepts on exactly how to wear it laid-back or fancy.

I really haven’t decided what I’m keeping for sure yet. The top as well as gown are a “No” for sure however whatever else is TBD. even though I truly like the denim in pictures, I don’t want to keep them if I won’t really wear them. So, I’m going to sleep on it up until tomorrow as well as then send back what I don’t want. simple peasy.

Question: Do you wear bracelets?

I like them, however always fail to remember to put them on. Oddly, I don’t fail to remember to put on fake pearl earrings…

Full disclosure: Stitchfix provided me a credit history to try their service for the very first time for free. All opinions are my own.



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