The hunt for the best chocolate Chip Cookie Is Back!

Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s going great (because I’m eating an amazing chocolate cookie as I write this). I am in Los Angeles for an event and just wanted to check in and say hi!

First – let’s talk about running and eating…
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I started the day with a 9 mile run while listening to okay podcasts. I have been listening to watch What Crappins and am caught up on all their episodes so I had to listen to my ‘other’ list. I go through phases of being obsessed with one podcast / food / show / person / whatever and cannot get enough of it. right now it’s that podcast.

I made a smoothie after my run but was out of spinach. This might be the first time that’s ever happened to me!? I ran out of the Crappens podcast and now spinach?! get it together Monican!

After running and eating I got ready, did some work and then packed for an overnight stay in LA. since I’m in south Orange county I am staying the night with the group at a hotel. A lot of the other attendees are from out of state. and LA traffic is ridic so driving hours and hours back and forth is no bueno.

Vegas helped me pack…

And before I knew it my car was there and I jumped in for the ride to the hotel. I brought my laptop so I could work. I’m so responsible (if you don’t consider the fact that I need to work because I’m behind on everything).

This is a blog event with Bosch – more on that later. We’re staying at the London hotel in West Hollywood. I love a good hotel tour so I snapped pictures of everything. plus – this is an amazing hotel room so I had to send pics to my one friend! I am totally that person who gets super excited about fancy stuff every single time.

The view is amazing!

You See L.A. – that was the punch-line to some joke we would always tell as kids and now I don’t remember the rest of it!

I Camiseta Manchester United can’t decide if I’m more excited about the cookie or the bathtub. between the LA Marathon and the Boston Marathon I have wanted to take a bath so bad! Neither Camiseta Juventus hotel I stayed in for those races had a bathtub in my room. Bummer.

Now this place has a fancy one and I even brought epsom salts that I bought in Jerusalem to use but I am not going to have time for a tubberoo. Boo.

I should probably get ready for dinner now… see Camiseta Corinthians Paulista ya later!

Do you remember that I said I was on a mission to find the World’s best chocolate Chip Cookie years and years ago? Well, this cookie might have sparked that back up!

Question: Which of these would you want?

Pick one and only one of the following:

Bubble bath

Chocolate chip cookie

Cat hair on everything

Your eye NOT itching after you just put on make-up



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