Training for a Marathon– What to eat

When I discussed that altering exactly how I fuel for a marathon altered whatever about the race – everybody wished to understand if I got into Lance Armstrong’s stock what I was eating?!

Figuring out what/when to eat as well as drink while training for a marathon is a extremely very essential part of training. as well as everybody is different – some people can’t deal with specific kinds of gels/chews/drinks. I don’t understand if you understand this, however I am a red headed Mexican that eats Sriracha for breakfast, so my tummy is like an iron cauldron = I can quite much take anything
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If you are a bit sissy lala that believes you can’t eat during a run – figure it out (hey, the full marathon is difficult so I have to be difficult with my advice). You have to stay moisturized as well as full of shug-ah to run a Camiseta Eintracht Frankfurt full marathon without wanting to die.

Okay, that’s a lie.

You’ll most likely want to die even if you fuel right, however your blood sugar will be steady sufficient to talk yourself out of it.

Again, all of this info works for ME a person who:

is a extremely salty sweatshirt / sweats a great deal in general

got poor cramps in her quads around mile 20-22

drinks A great deal of water in general

likes margaritas – it’s relevant, count on me.

You ought to determine what your body’s needs are as well as fuel accordingly.

Training for a Marathon – exactly how I eat before the race

In the week leading as much as a full marathon I eat at least one banana a day. This assists avoid my quad cramp issue.

I like them as well as don’t care if I turn into one…

I likewise try to stay hydrated.

Luckily, my good friends are very supportive of my hydration needs…

The morning of the race I’ll have oatmeal or PB Bagel/Toast with a banana. Both work for me, doesn’t matter what I go with. Confession: I commonly put salt on top of the PB bagel/toast too. I requirement a great deal of sodium on race day.

How I eat during a marathon:

I eat 3 Margarita shot blocks at Mile 5, Mile 10, Mile 15 as well as at Mile 20 I have a chocolate gel of some kind <- since it’s tasty as well as I look ahead to the chocolate goodness. I like the Margarita blocks since they have much more sodium than the other flavors. Each bundle has 6 in them, I eat half a pack every 5 miles. I cut the packs in half so they’re simpler to eat during the run. I typically put 2 in my spibelt as well as one in my sports bra. Sometimes I avoid the very first water station unless I’m thirsty however drink whatsoever the other ones. If it’s hot I dump water on my head. If it’s very super hot I dump water on somebody else’s head. This method they chase me as well as I have to keep running even though I want to slip off Camiseta Santos Laguna the program as well as eat ice cream.

Normally there is a spectator with oranges or popsicles or equine meat corn dogs as well as I may get that if I feel like it. In Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Ghana NOLA they were handing out animal cookies. God Bless it.

But, I am only one peep so I polled a few of my marathon runner good friends to chime in with exactly how they fuel during a race.

Coach Steve: Averages a Sub 4 hour marathon.

I’ve been trying a great deal of different foods. I try to take in 200 calories per hour. At surf City Marathon I had two brownies that I ate on the run starting at mile 5 as well as completing them by mile 13. At mile 15 I started taking an Island increase gel every 3 miles. I likewise was drinking water with electrolytes in it  as well as had cup with Nuun in it at mile 20 for much more electrolytes. For fuel as well as Hydration I comply with the Sole Runners 10-30-45 rule. drink every 10 minutes, take electrolytes every 30 minutes as well as eat every 45 minutes.

Skinny Runner: I eat four gels throughout a race as well as typically at the exact same points: mile 8.5, 13.5, 18 as well as 22.  (about 15-30 minutes before a race sick eat an energy bar.)

I’ve likewise eaten candy during marathons which is fun, however if I’m taking the race seriously, I choose gels.  They’re habitual as well as I don’t have to believe about exactly how numerous calories I’m taking in, (“was that handful of gummi bears the exact same as one gel or half?!”), as well as they’re simple to suck down as well as get energy in quickly.

I likewise drink water from almost every aid station as well as switch it up with sports drinks in the later part of the race.

Dave: I fuel 5x with GU as well as just started eating a snickers marathon bar at the half method point

Margot: My pr is a 3:32.  I eat a great deal – I would state a gel with caffeine every 5-6 miles as well as sports drink at practically every water stop. 

Breakfast before us typically 300 or 400 calories…Luna bars or something a couple hours before race time.

Hector (doesn’t have a blog since he’s as well hectic running ultramarathons every weekend!): typical 4:50, I try to eat a bit of bar every 30-45 min. Gels tear up my stomach.


See? We’re all different. So, the genuine response to the Question:
“What is the very best marathon nutrition plan?”  is…

Everyone is different. Make sure to figure it out during marathon training. try out different gels, chews, bars before as well as during your long runs. show up on race day already understanding WHEN as well as WHAT you are going to eat as well as drink.

And since I am a huge fan of  Cliff shot blocks – the business is sending one RER visitor a box of them to fuel their runs!

To Enter: Leave a comment with your preferred race distance. any type of distance – even around the block works!

Open to residents of the US. closes 3/14/2013 at 8am PST



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