What To Do If Your Race Is canceled because of Coronavirus

a number of Marathons, half Marathons as well as numerous other distance races as well as fun runs have been canceled across the world because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Here’s an update on exactly how COVID19 is impacting runners as well as running events…

How COVID19 is Impacting Runners as well as Running Events

Races as well as group Runs canceled or delayed – All around the world race directors as well as regional officials are canceling marathons as well as other running events in an effort to stop the spread of Coronavirus. This includes the Boston Marathon as well as London Marathon.

If you were training for a race that’s canceled… what now?

What to do if your race is canceled

First, inspect to see if your race is canceled, delayed with the date TBD OR rescheduled with the date set.

The race site and/or email updates ought to have official announcements on any type of modifications to the race day events.

If it’s canceled –

Find out if there are any type of choices to defer or get a refund. Then, relocation on as well as choose if you want to register for one more race later this year, run the race next year or train for a Netflix marathon.

If it’s rescheduled –

a. inspect your calendar to be sure you can run it that day (this includes inspecting for conflicting plans, other races you plan to run, your personal physical fitness priorities, etc).

b. If you can run the race on the new date – YAY!! compose it in your calendar & update travel plans (if needed).

Then, talk with your trainer or update your training as necessary. exactly how to change your marathon or half marathon training truly depends upon when your ‘A’ race was scheduled, the new date as well as your goals.

If you were training to run a sub-2 hour half marathon with your goal race in 4 weeks… you’re most likely in amazing shape, running a great deal of high quality workouts as well as in the last huge push of training before taper.

So I believe it’s fair to state (if nothing else at least to yourself), “This sucks!!”.

You can acknowledge that you’re been working hard, getting up early, prioritizing healing as well as great sleep, eating healthy, etc… all in an effort to hit a goal or even run a new pr as well as now you can’t see this training cycle with to the end.

You can provide yourself 5 minutes to feel sad, cry, scream, cuss or whatever you requirement to get it out. Then, figure out what your choices are to relocation forward.

If your Race is canceled or Postponed…

Here are some choices to think about if the race you were training for is canceled because of COVID19.

Ultimately you ought to choose your next relocation based on YOU = your goals (goal for the race as well as long term goals with running), fitness, other commitments / priorities, physical health, mental health and wellness as well as any type of other elements that effect what’s best.

If the Race is canceled – select one more Race later in the Year. – many races are being rescheduled for September as well as October so I’d suggest aiming for the autumn or later to be sure it won’t be canceled again.

If the Race is delayed however You CAN’T Run that Day – select one more Race later in the year. (See above) as well as inspect to see your choices for refunds or deferring up until next year.

If the Race is delayed as well as You CAN Run that Day – change your training plan to be in top performance mode on the new race date. (Work with a running trainer on this if you’re going for a goal, injury prone or not sure exactly how to discover a training plan that’s finest for you.)

No matter what – stay positive as well as Do Your Best. 

We can’t manage the weather condition on race day. We can’t manage if random tummy problems occur at mile 14 of a marathon. We can’t manage a great deal of things about running… however we can manage our mindset as well as our effort during training.

Training suggestions if Your Race is Rescheduled

If you’re in the ‘monster month’ of marathon training as well as running very high mileage weeks / long runs that are pushing your to the very best shape of your life to run a pr in the next few weeks, however now don’t have a race to run for months —>

Consider your new race date as well as exactly how much extra time you have to train.

Depending on your physical fitness level, goals, injury history as well as motivation level – you can take these suggestions as well as utilize what works finest for you.

Run your own race – Run a solo marathon or half marathon on the originally arranged race day for yourself.

Keep going – If you’re feeling great, no tiredness or indications of prospective injury as well as feel like you can keep going without getting hurt or burnt out… think about utilizing your present training plan as well as prolonging it up until race day. exactly how precisely to do this depends upon your body however choices include:

Repeat weeks.go back on your training plan the # of weeks your race is delayed. Ex. If the new race date is 9 weeks away, go back 9 weeks on your training plan.

New Plan. get a new plan that’s written particularly for your present fitness, goals as well as new race date.

Conditioning. focus on keeping your cardio physical fitness strong, however don’t push it even more to prevent taxing your body as well much. spend any type of additional energy on conditioning as well as strength.

Run your life – Do what works for YOU. update your goals, training, method based on YOUR BODY.

No matter what your circumstance is – focus on What You CAN Do.

If you can still run… run!

If you can still satisfy up with running friends – have fun!

If you want to spend much more time conditioning – do it!

If you have a treadmill at house as well as want to run, eat as well as sleep on it – I hope you have dreams of winning Boston!!

Be brave. Run fast. have fun.


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Always speak with your doctor, trainer as well as any type of other medical occupations you’re working with before starting or altering your diet plan or exercise routine. 



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