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I had  a full afternoon routine as well as desired a enduring snack before Camiseta Liverpool FC I left. So, I made a huge protein smoothie as well as topped it with Camiseta Kawasaki Frontale cereal. I might eat this three times a day as well as often do.Oh, as well as this is my other new bowl! like it since there is a flower printed on the bottom so I’m not as unfortunate when all the food is gone as well as I’m entrusted to a unfortunate empty bowl.

When I got house I made dinner while Ben hung out as well as kept me business in the kitchen. We broke into the stock of drinks Mamma Chia sent me.
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Mamma Chia is a relatively regional business as well as I satisfied the owner when she was providing out samples at whole Foods a while back!

I tried one of the flavors then as well as jumped at the possibility to sample a lot more when the business contacted me recently. considering that reading born to Run as well as feeling a Mexican connection with the Tarahuamara I am a significant fan of chia seeds.

Dinner was a stir fry with lean turkey I discovered on manager’s special (I’m great at that game). I mixed it up with a homemade peanut sauce as well as TJ’s stir fry veggies.(I cooked up a batch of brown rice before my afternoon clients so we wouldn’t have to wait an hour for it.)

I garnished it with eco-friendly onions as well as peanuts. That truly made it!

I’m believing either a batch of no bake cookies or a bowl of PB Puffins for dessert…

PS – There’s a contest going on at Mamavation for the healthiest tweeps. It’s a popularity contest, however considering that I was chubby in high institution I’d appreciate the possibility to be prominent  for once. Thanks.



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