French toast Waffles recipe whole Grain, High protein breakfast

I don’t understand why all waffles aren’t made this incredibly simple as well as incredible French toast way!

On to today… The day after a race or long run is always a super HUNGRY day for me. Does that occur to any individual else? ( I ran the OC Marathon the day before I published this recipe!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a donut. Camiseta Juventus however I did have an incredible breakfast idea! as well as I woke up as well as had a eco-friendly smoothie to peaceful the hunger while I made it.

Today’s a rest day so I started the day with a walk. My ideal knee is a bit sore from the race, however outside of that I feel good.

Now I have to share the most incredible breakfast I had on Saturday!

This weekend I was dreaming about this recipe while running as well as believed I was some kinda food genius. I’m sure I’m not the very first person to believe of this, however I haven’t seen it on any type of of the blogs I checked out so I was VERY EXCITED to try it out. Why don’t we make waffles Camiseta River Plate with bread dipped in an egg batter??!! I bet it would come out like French Toast. It’s so much much easier than making batter from scratch…

So I tried it and…. (drum-roll please)

IT worked as well as Camiseta Leicester City was delicious!

I like waffles, however don’t normally make them since they’re a lot more work than pancakes. Well, these French toast Waffles are less work than pancakes!

Easy French toast Waffles Recipe

{Serves one. Can be make gluten free* with gf bread.}

2 pieces of whole grain bread (*or gluten complimentary bread)

2 eggs

dash of each: milk, vanilla extract, salt, cinnamon


Pre-Heat your Waffle Maker. (If you don’t have a waffle maker – inspect out this sandwich/waffle maker combo one.)

Mix eggs as well as milk, vanilla, salt, cinnamon. Dip bread in egg mix – both sides.

Place bread in waffle maker (sprayed with non-stick spray). cook through.

Check out this waffle maker with removable plates – so simple to clean! That’s the one I normally use.

I topped mine with bananas as well as maple syrup.

Maybe it was the ‘Runger’ taking however I believe it’s the very best as well as simplest Waffle recipe ever!


Question: Do you own a waffle maker?




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