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After my short shift this morning I headed towards my old neighborhood to see my doctor. My foot issue is ongoing and I need it taken care of before Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Túnez the marathon!

I had an incredible honeycrisp apple and a vitawater on the way.
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I hit up the doctor and the bank before stopping by my mom’s. If you’ve read the blog because it started sucked you might remember I lived here many of the early years. best out of college I worked as a recruiter and would work from home 2 days a week from this place. I look back on that time with mixed feelings because it was a pleased time in my life, but I had a lot of big struggles with bingeing and overeating.

Even though I’m still working on it everyday, I have gotten a lot better about random snacking. I look back on numerous of those messages from two-three years ago and realize I was continuously eating, binging or starting a new diet of sorts. sad sad sad.

The combination of being a chubby kid and dieting in college started a vicious cycle of binging and restricting for me. because I’m still not at goal I don’t give myself credit report for the progress I have made with Intuitive Eating. I am a lot better now, just need to clean up the snacking a bit to get to goal.

I’ve been mulling all this over for a while and am going to give myself a little 90 challenge to end the year strong stay tuned!

But, in the meantime I am celebrating my progress with intuitive eating! This has taken a lot of work (and is still on going) and I’m happy of it.

When I got to my mom’s I was greeted by Bailey and the Roxican. Doesn’t he look like a cow?

Of course, I did the first thing you’re expected to do at your mom’s house – rob her fridge and pantry! SCORE! I found juicy watermelon and cheesecake factory Camiseta Leicester City bread (no pic).

Since I’m feeling sick I made myself some comfort food – cheese bread, watermelon…

and chicken soup.

I also grabbed several handfuls of my little brother’s gummy vitamins.

And a bite or two of dessert. I just realized I ate out of the carton while sick! Crap, I better finish that ice cream off before someone else eats it and gets sick… The winner of the Wish-bone Salad dressing Sampler pack is :

Katie: Kstevens313 – please email me your info!

Question:Give yourself credit report for something about yourself or your life that you’ve improved upon (even if it’s not ideal yet!)… Please share!



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