What the Foot! I hurt My Foot and the Internets Aren’t Magic

I hurt my foot! Help!! Seriously… I need help because I was trying to diagnose myself and the most common foot injuries dominate the Dr. Google search results. but I have different symptoms so that wasn’t helpful.

First let’s take a step back – um, I indicate limp back… to when the pain started, how it progressed to an injury and what we can learn from it.

Pain on the top of My Foot – Injury Timeline by a Runner

Thursday night: walked Diego and his pal Tucker. I’m self-conscious about limping when my foot hurts so I don’t think it hurt at that point. It started to ache last week but I thought it was sore or tight and I just needed to stretch.

Last week I observed my foot was a little tight and sore. I figured it was from walking Diego. He’s pretty big now and often pulls a lot when Camiseta Barcelona he sees other dogs. Or I thought I could have just been a little normal soreness / fatigue from running – especially considering that I’m starting to increase my mileage to train for a full marathon again. 

Friday – It was a little tight during my run. At one point it felt like my foot/leg was going to give out for a second – like when your ankle gives out randomly. any individual else have that happen before? 

I think it was aching and my body was trying to secure my foot by changing my gait. 

Teachable Moment: I haven’t been using a Running Log or Tracker to note my runs. So I don’t know for sure what day it started or if it happened during my runs previous to Friday. I think it was just during walks before then?

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Saturday – went to Huntington beach for my long run. got up early and left Diego at a friend’s house so I could run as soon as the sun was up! 

Teachable Moment: Don’t pay $15 for vehicle parking at a beach lot when you’re just going to run 8 miles. (I didn’t realize the lot was that much and really just wanted to start running before it got hot so I just parked there.)

My foot was hurting a little bit and I didn’t want to run long on it considering that I felt like it was starting to impact my form. That’s NOT good. 

So I made a decision to cut it short and go home to ice it. I took ibuprofen and iced my foot in a substantial bowl of ice water.

It was feeling better so I even helped my pal mow the lawn a lil bit when I went to pick up Diego. I wasn’t limping at that point (that I remember). 

Sunday – intended to do my long run…walked Diego and my foot was aching. I took ibuprofen and made a decision to wear a tried and true pair of shoes tied really tight so my foot would feel great and secure. 

Went out and it started to hurt… I was trying to feel it out because up until this point it wasn’t very painful. It was a lot more aching and bothersome pain. but by mile 1.5 it was uncomfortable and at mile 2 I made a decision to call it and go home. 

Except…I didn’t realize between mile 1 and 2 it really progressed and unexpectedly it hurt to even walk on it. I limped home 2 miles. 

When I got home I iced it a lot and took ibuprofen. but that didn’t help at all. I was diligent about icing and NSAIDs the rest of the day.

I used my lil cube timer to ice for at least 10 minutes at a time… 

Teachable Moment: If it’s tendonitis the tendons on the top of my foot are Camiseta Ajax inflamed. Tying a shoe very tight can actually contribute to tendonitis! So I think the way I tied my shoes might have hurt it more. I must have done a lot more research.

 I thought it was either tendonitis or a anxiety fracture. The challenge is a lot of tendonitis in the foot resources came up with Plantar Fasciitis or other pain in the foot centered in the arch or near the ankle. 

On Sunday I did a lot of research trying to figure out what was wrong with my foot. regrettably the most common Foot Injury to Runners didn’t line up with my symptoms. 

The a lot of common foot pain is associated with Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Posterior compartment Syndrome, Stress fracture, Gout. So I spent a lot of time Sunday trying to figure out my foot pain. 

Sunday night I slept with my foot elevated. I was intending to wake up this morning feeling better. 


Monday morning: It still hurts to even walk on it. It hurts mostly to put any weight on the front of my foot. I’m limping. I don’t think the ice, elevation or rest have helped at all. 

Since I was Camiseta West Ham United in pain and unable to walk with no improvement in spite of doing the RICE method for 24 hours… I’ve made a decision to go to Urgent care for an x-ray.

And that’s where we are now…

I’ll be back with what the doctor at Urgent care says soon!



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