I just fixed the California Drought

Hello! I have terrific news! I have fixed the drought crisis in California! I am saving the world here people. RER isn’t just about running and eating and sweaty selfies anymore. We’re going big!

First let’s talk about not running and eating though…
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Thursdays are my conventional rest day so I took a little walk this morning and then made breakfast. This isn’t a tiny fork, it’s a regular sized fork in my enormous hands. I really have big hands.

Then, I headed to my first hot yoga class. I was kinda nervous about it because:

A.) I normally go to level 1 yoga for a good easy stretch, not hardcore workout.

B.) I sweat A lot under normal scenarios and don’t need a hot room to make it worse!

But, I also thought it would be good to give it a try so I put on my big girl panties yoga pants and went for it.

The class was set at 95 degrees and incredibly humid. It was hot just standing in there, let alone actually moving around.

I took a hot yoga sculpt session that works in a little weights and strength moves. Within minutes I started to get sweaty. before I knew it I was POURING sweat like a fountain. It was weird. I kinda felt self-conscious, Camiseta LOSC Lille like I need to be the most sweaty person in the room. and the consistent stream of sweat dripping down my face and arms and legs was a little distracting. By the end of class my towel and mat towel were both drenched.

Actually, before I took this class I didn’t really get why people use yoga towels. but now I get it and I’m so thankful I randomly gotten one recently!! if not I would have been slipping all over the mat.

I was so drenched my fingers were wrinkly at the end!

So my big idea for solving the California drought problem…

Wring out all the hot yoga towels into the water supply. (Mine was 100% wring-able.)

Think about it…

Tons of hippie dippie Californians love yoga.

They eat pretty healthy so the sweat will be healthy people sweat.

Californias love to recycle and this is just another way to do it.

Then we can be smug about having  In N Out and solving the drought in California!

Boom. Done. Do it.

When I got back I made lunch and tried a new to me yogurt. have you tried this Quark yogurt? It’s German style cheese yogurt or something. It’s good but not great.

The drought in California is a real thing. here are some ideas to help conserve water.

Question: have you ever done hot yoga?

Do you have any valuable ideas for California?



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