RER reunion with Toby as well as Frank!

Hello!! exactly how are you? I have significant reunion news in RERland!! Are you prepared for it?…

Remember Toby?
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No, not Toby from The Office. even though I am 1000% consumed keeping that show right now.

I can’t go to sleep without at least watching 1 episode. even if I come house super late as well as somewhat buzzed… I put on an episode so I can autumn asleep with Michael Scott as well as the whole gang.

Anyway. Toby the feline is a lil furry good friend I made a long time ago. I saw him on a run one morning as well as he was so friendly we chatted (read as: I pet him as well as took pics).

I haven’t seen him in months – perhaps over a year!! So I Camiseta Montpellier HSC believed he moved. Nope. I saw him this morning!! I published a short video on my Instagram stories as well as only got his photo of him…

Thennnnnn…. I saw FRANK!! keep in mind Frank?!!

Frank was the guy I saw something like 3 years back at the wine as well as Dine half Marathon at Walt Disney world as well as I acknowledged him from the running path in Orange County!! It was so random to see him there as well as we hadn’t satisfied before however I went as much as him as well as stated ‘Hi! I’m a weirdo. I’ve seen you on the running path in objective Viejo as well as complied with you right here since I have no friends…”

Well, that’s not precisely what I stated however something like that.

The point is – I satisfied him that day as well as for whatever reason told myself his name is Frank as well as believed Frank as well as I were friends. as well as I would wave to him every now as well as then on the path as well as believe about that time we ran a race in Orlando…

A few months back I revealed that I was going to really talk to Frank as well as see if he kept in mind me….

Turns out… I don’t believe he did. as well as his name is Bob. (I think…. I can’t discover the publish about it now however I’m quite sure.)

Moral of the story: You checked out the blog of a genuine weirdo.

Also – I saw both Toby as well as Frank today as well as I haven’t seen them in a long time!

Oh – this is a running as well as food blog or something, right? I should mention I ran 11 miles this morning – my longest mid-week run in a long time too! Boom.

And I pretended to be elegant on Friday as well as went to a tennis match at Indian Wells near palm Springs. I’ve never been to a ‘real’ tennis match as well as this was quite fun as well as definitely not like what I pictured random sporting events to be like – mainly since people are peaceful as well as I’m not.

I had a frozen margarita, salad as well as coconut water… as well as perhaps one more margarita.

In other food news…

I’ve just been a Snacky McSnackerson lately. I was doing quite great with avoiding random snacking for a long time however this week it’s been out of control. vegas likes chewy oatmeal bites too!

Most of the time it’s the most random mix of nuts as well as dried fruit as well as whatever else I put on a plate.

Oh! as well as speaking of vegas we both want to update you on our other workouts for this week…

Yesterday was a stamina training day for me:

And a rest day for Vegas… however I believe he’s doing it wrong?

I woke up so early today I had 2 breakfasts… this is the second one – oatmeal with raisins, pecans, cinnamon, blueberries, banana, nuts as well as chia seeds.



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