Saturday at Fitbloggin in seven Points…

1. Last night I went on a walking ghost tour. Ahhhh!

We stopped at one point to grab a drink as well as I satisfied Dwight, the guy who really made the moonshine in Camiseta Leeds United it! Boom.
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2.  I woke up before 3am (PST) to run. That is rough – particularly thinking about what time I went to sleep! But, I had to get out before it got as well hot as well as get back in time to film a video for Walgreens.

Sadly I was as well early for the Farmer’s Market at Forsyth Park. Boo.

3. breakfast at Fitbloggin – excellent begin to the day!

4. then I headed to inspect out the Walgreens method To Well tour Bus!

They inspected my blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, body mass as well as more! I’m quite healthy however should most likely bring down my BMI. My muscle mass is 32% as well as visceral fat is low though!

You can go inspect their balance benefits site for more info!

Video time!

5. An Emergen-C before my noon meeting. I do these when I’m Camiseta Newcastle United traveling since my sleep is low as well as stress is high

6. My panel at Fitbloggin went well (at least I believe so, we should ask the audience).

Um. Drew has trained Ruby. Hello! Camiseta AS Monaco Ruby is part of the reason I like Savannah. I cannot even.


It was excellent to satisfy so many visitors this weekend! Angela from WeBeatFat had been tweeting me before hand as well as I’m glad we lastly caught up!

7!!!!!!! After the session it was time to party. hello no open container laws, exactly how are you?

Dinner at Shrimp factory since it was right there.

Then, it was on to top Deck. Go there.

See ya later!



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