Taco Casserole For Those leftover Corn Tortillas

How’s it going?

I am exhausted. Which is weird, since I’m never tired. If it wasn’t for the truth that I woke up at 3:30am yesterday as well as 4:30am today as well as ran a marathon in the middle, I’d believe I was dying. Dramatic. Maybe.
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I took it extremely simple today since I have the f-ing Catalina red wine Mixer  this weekend! Wait. I imply the Catalina MARATHON. however there will be red wine after the race.

Today I hit up TJ’s for a few things as well as somehow came back with those Camiseta SS Lazio very adorable daffodils as well as some wonderful white wine.

And I even have a recipe for you today!! This is a Meaty Mexican Monday meal that is going to save your life.

Okay, perhaps that’s a small bit of an exaggeration. however this recipe is going to save you a great deal of aggravation staying up all night trying to figure out what to finish with all your corn tortillas.

Why is it the smallest pack they are available in is 60?!?!?

And then they get dry as well as stale as well as you can’t utilize them for tacos since they just break. No se puede.

This recipe is an easy, healthy method to utilize those tortillas in a casserole.

Taco Casserole Recipe

{Gluten totally free – serves 4}


7 corn tortillas

16 oz. ground turkey or chicken

taco seasoning

1/2 cup diced onion

1 can black beans, drained & rinsed

2 cups salsa

shredded cheese

Directions: cook onions up until translucent. add ground meat as well as season to taste. You can utilize a taco season packet or your own combo.

Slice corn tortillas into bite size pieces. location in a huge bowl with cooked meat, beans as well as salsa. mix as well as pour into sprayed 8×8 pan. top with cheese as well as bake up until cooked through.

I cut it into 4 huge pieces.

Suggestion: top with avocado or sour cream. Enjoy!

And now I have some unfortunate news… very first I purchased this ice cream as a success lap today. I’ve never had Ben as well as Jerry’s Chubby husband before as well as was quite excited. Camiseta Ajax however it’s not my preferred thing?!?! I’m just not digging the pretzels since they remind me of malt spheres or something? Plus, I truly just like fro-yo since that was always my post-dance performance/honor roll/other treat growing up.

No one panic though, I’ll still try as well as eat it. guy my life is tough.

Okay. however in genuine unfortunate news… I chose to cancel cable television as well as now I don’t have gain access to to my preferred TV shows I believed I wouldn’t truly care however I DO! I DO CARE. A LOT!!

Question: Do you have cable?

Do you understand exactly how I can get my fix?



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