What I Ate for Meatless Monday

Hello! thank you for the support on my recent post. Seriously. thank you. but I want to think about other things best now like… running and eating!

I want get back to doing Meatless Monday. actually I don’t know if I ever did a ‘real’ meatless Monday because I stopped being vegetarian. Hmmm. Well, I want to try and eat vegetarian or maybe even vegan on Mondays kinda for health reasons and kinda for environmental reasons. We can talk about all that stuff another time. For now let’s just recap the food.
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I started the day with iced coffee and a cat. I didn’t eat the cat – that wouldn’t have been very meatless of me. but I did snap a picture of his efforts to disregard me.

I also had this small ideal Bar I got from the OC half Marathon post-race loot. These are good.

I ran 6 miles – had to keep it short because I had a call scheduled for 8am. It’s hard to connect with people on the east coast when I run all morning, then eat and then I’m ready to talk and they’re ready to leave for the day.

Post-run / pre-call I had a green smoothie with protein powder, ice, almond milk, spinach. and I added tons of toppings because that’s my favorite part.

After my call I cleaned up my Camiseta Leeds United notes (it’s not a post coming soon).

Then, I was about to do a beach Body on demand workout when I realized I was freezing. Um, maybe I shouldn’t have had that enormous green smoothie?

So, I pulled out the space heater and stood in front of it.  plus I realized I needed a snack, preferably something salty.  I grabbed some popcorn and viewed TV in front of the heater while eating popcorn. and I managed to make a mess…

I really am Camiseta Real Betis Balompie a very messy girl. I don’t know why?!?

I have a theory – I try to multi-task too much and so I don’t do one thing good and neat. and I don’t make enough time to do things (like get ready to go somewhere) so I’m rushing and make a mess as I rush.

The point is I’m changing my name to Messican. Or changing the name of this blog. (Really, I’m probably not going to do either because I’m already distracted by something else…)

Lunch was a enormous salad with eggs (they’re on the bottom of the bowl – it’s this thing I do now), and watermelon.

I also went out to pick up seltzer because I ran out and it’s a should HAVE. and I got a few bags of frozen veggies and Sriracha – also a should have.

And I hit up the 99 cent store for grapes – which I quickly ate all of even though I purchased over 2 pounds of them and they were dirty. Oh well.

I don’t have a picture of the grapes, but I did get one of this snack I scored there – Crunchy Chickpeas. I love roasted chickpeas!!

After lunch I really wanted to make a dent in my email so I set my timer for 45 minutes and put my phone on DND.  I’ve heard doing ONE thing for 45 minutes and then giving yourself a break is a good way to be productive. and I had some spark to help me be extra energized and productive!!

At some point I looked over at and saw vegas randomly laying in the middle of the floor like this…

As I was making dinner I snacked on lazy Guacamole. It is amazing.

Dinner was roasted cauliflower and a frozen tofu teriyaki bowl thing. Camiseta PSV Eindhoven No pictures because my hands were happily covered in guac. (Note: I first wrote chicken teriyaki bowl. My brain just goes there automatically and now I’m craving it!)

I had a Quest Bar for dessert. I think my new favorite flavor is the Oatmeal chocolate Chip. cut it in 3 pieces and bake it at 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes. count on me.

And vegas chose to randomly climb up on my pansa and purr really loud for a few minutes so I had to take a picture. but he was so close I couldn’t get a good one!

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Question: Did you have meat for breakfast – besides eggs?



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