Broccoli Slaw and Bikinis

I was on a mission to make Broccoli Slaw Stir-fry for lunch today. I made a Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Croacia special trip to TJ’s to get the slaw and mushrooms from TJ’s mid-morning.

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Marathon training Day 3
Marathon training Day 3

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It’s so easy! I just cook up everything, season with PB sauce and then add eggs for protein and happiness.

Topped with extra cashews, my fave nut!

I also got this watermelon from TJ’s. Notice: save your money, it’s not good yet

Bikini season is 7 weeks away! Well, for me anyways. (I have a vacation scheduled for the beginning of June.) like I mentioned recently, my Intuitive eating is going GREAT, but I’m at a complete plateau with weight loss. In order to make sure this is not me at the beach…


I’m need to remind myself (publicly) of my 30 Day Challenge:

1. brush teeth/close kitchen at 8:30pm (had to be pushed back because I get home later than I realized with the running group). <- totally broke this rule in Vegas. 2. plan out a good, satisfying afternoon snack. (Instead of grazing all day.) *Ends may 12 at which point I’ll assess how to Camiseta Santos Laguna build on my new good habits

If you are a runner you have to check out this video from This Running Life – What You think When You Run a Marathon. Hilarious. and completely accurate.

PS – I have a guest post on Tina’s blog today. Did you see it?

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